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Farmers dating – How to keep the passion (part 2)

Every relationship will crumble without patience and honesty. Even though you have been together for so long, being honest even about small things is important. Nevertheless, make sure to express your honesty without compromising respect. In addition to this, your partner may have bad days. It happens to everybody. Learn to accept this reality and live with it.
Humor and Quality Time
Enjoy quality time with your partner by making a warm or light-hearted conversation. Tell a joke and laugh together. Make sure to spend some time with your partner at the end of the day even if you’ve had a bad day at work. Enjoying each other’s company over a cup of coffee is a great way to relieve stress.
Be Physically Intimate
Being physically intimate does not always mean to have sex with your partner. You can be sensual even when taking a stroll along the beach or cuddling together.

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