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Online dating is an excellent way of meeting new people and expanding your dating pool. For some, it is also a great way for getting back on the dating scene again. Most people who engage in online dating are those who lead busy lives and do not have time to indulge in time demanding social activities. Others turn to online dating to widen their social horizons or simply to have a fresh start.
Whatever their reasons, online dating is a proven way for social renewal.
Dating goes hand in hand with flirting. All you need to do is learn the differences of online flirting, and you are on your way to a successful online dating experience.
Online dating is usually carried on through live chat or electronic mail. In your communications, always keep it short, simple and sweet. Stick to light-hearted and upbeat tones in your conversations. This is proven to attract online dates. Use easy to answer questions, and in return make you responses simple.
In writing correspondence, always use screen names. Do not over use emoticons. Emoticons may be annoying when overdone or may sound too giddy or insincere.

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