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Farmers Dating – Online Flirting 2

Following on from last week, use humour as your ally. Universally, humour is considered sexy. Try it, but of course remember to use it in good taste. Deliver with confidence. Compliment your date. Everyone likes to be complimented. The best compliments are those with the element of surprise. Keep your compliments sincere, honest, and genuine. And when you receive a compliment yourself, the best response would be to simply say, “Thank You!” A great online flirting tip is to use “enticers” in your email communications. You may want to try the tried and tested pick-up lines or devise your own. Try to keep them light and inviting. The key is to sound cute, interested and above all sincere. This will help ignite spark in your emails and will surely get you that much-coveted first date. This may not seem to feel comfortable to you, but remember, you’re just a name and a face and what you’re saying is typed words on a screen. Avoid being overly suggestive. You may be opening yourself up to something you’re not prepared for. Simply hold on to these simple to follow steps and helpful online flirting tips, and with proper timing, you are off to a being a top online flirter.

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