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Farmers Dating – Writing your online profile 1

A personal profile is a way for others to learn a little more about you and what you are interested in. This is a way for you to showcase yourself and what you think would be attractive to other people as well as provide information you want others to know about you.
How do you write a personal profile? There is a system. Just throwing out words randomly to fill up space won’t cut it. Rambling is a real turn-off as well. There are certain things you should include in your profile.
First and foremost, stay positive! We’ve all got baggage. There’s no need to drag it out as your first introduction to someone. Think of your profile as if you were meeting someone for the first time in person, picture yourself saying the words you write, it will help you from sounding too stiff and keep your tone conversational. And most importantly, don’t complain about the lack of great men/women, your ex, or why you’re “trying” online dating.
Some possible topics to include might be your hobbies, likes, interests, career choices, political affiliation, and a brief family history. Do not include dislikes or turn-offs.

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