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Farmers Dating – Writing your online profile 2

Show that you are a unique person. If you’ve got a quirky or unusual hobby, go ahead and mention it, but keep it in perspective. Remember that all of us have odd hobbies that make us endearing to those that love us — but if someone doesn’t know you yet, bombarding them with information they don’t care about (yet) will bore them. Having an unusual hobby is great but remember to mention more “popular” things like movies, reading, and your favourites like food and music. These are the things that you’ll likely do with a date and those that most people will want to share.
State what your objectives are. In your profile, put something in the headline that will shout to everyone who you really are and why people need to check you out. Be informative and catchy. Tell something about you and your objectives in an appealing and enticing tone.
Be descriptive when you’re writing your profile. You don’t have to be a great writer; you just need to include details about you and what you like. Do this in a casual, conversational style as if you were talking to another person.

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